Security means different things to different people and includes alarms to tell you when something has gone wrong, like someone trying to break into the building.   That’s the security role played by burglar alarms and door alarms.  Some define security as stopping a problem before it starts, and an intercom system at the entrance, perhaps one with a camera, can provide that.

Alarms include smoke and heat detectors as well as sirens and strobe lights to draw attention to the situation if necessary.  All these components, either separately or as a complete system, can be found and ordered here.

Home automation is also another aspect of security.  Allowing lights, thermostats and other devices to be controlled remotely or by program creates an atmosphere around a residence that deters criminals.  Wireless systems make installation a breeze.

Intercoms and intercom systems are a vital security feature for any residence or business where a clear view of an outside entrance is not available from inside.  Doorbells with cameras and cameras in a beautiful satin nickel finish add security and beauty to any entranceway.  Complete wireless systems can provide security at multiple exterior doors with either voice or video feeds.

Batteries, wire connections and other important accessories that are important for a complete, functioning security system are available, making repairs and modifications to existing systems straightforward.