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Images may not represent actual product and finish

HPC SA-7 Tool

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Stamp Aligner
Part Number : HPC_SA7
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HPC SA-7 Tool

The Stamp Aligner solves the problems locksmiths have always had while stamping numbers on keys. Crooked numbers, stamps flying across the room, and numbers that go up, down, and all around are now things of the past. The Stamp Aligner holds the stamps so that figures may be stamped on keys in a straight line with even spacing between characters. The Stamp Aligner has 7 detents to stamp up to 7 characters and 3 rows evenly on a standard key. A key is placed onto the bottom part of the Stamp Aligner and secured in place. The top part of the Stamp Aligner is moved into one of the spacing indexes. The stamp is placed into the square hole, over the spot where the key is to be stamped. The stamp is held securely in place for it to be struck by a hammer. Spacing is clearly defined by a spring-loaded detent built into the device. Each character stamped on the key will be straight, spaced evenly, and aligned perfectly. When the stamps are all struck with the same force, the result is a key that looks like it was factory stamped. Letter and Figure Stamps are sold separately.


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Alternate Codes: 105930, 502807, SA-7, SA7

Department: Locksmith Tools

Impression Tools: Stamping Tools

Series: HPC Tools

Subtype: Tool

Type: Stamp Aligner