Locksmithing is both art and mechanics.  Repairing or replacing an existing lock, or installing an entirely new lock on a new door, requires a level of precision that is difficult to attain.  Having the right tools on hand can make all the difference.  This is especially true with high quality locks and electromechanical locks.

At one point in time, a key machine was a straight forward piece of equipment.  We carry them, but we also have the diagnostic equipment that allows the locksmith to analyze a trouble code on an electronic lock.  It’s all part of what locksmithing equipment looks like today.

The same thing is true for the special lubricants needed in the locksmithing business.  We carry bulk graphite that has been used by locksmiths for centuries, but we also carry the special spray-on cleaners needed to make sure electronic connections are free from interference.

From jumpstart kits for electronic locks with dead batteries to picks and broken key removal tweezers, we have everything the modern locksmith needs to do the job right.  The list of special items includes hundreds of after-market parts for automobile ignition and door locks.

Our selection of pinning kits includes almost 100 different products for a wide variety of automotive and household locks.  We have pinning kits from Auto Security Products, Compx Systems and Medeco High Security.

We also have a wide variety of specialized installation tools, including special drill bits and wiring tools.  Check out our range of special magnets, flashlights and other labor saving devices to make any job go more quickly and easily.