Not everything that has to be kept safe and secure is behind an access controlled door.  There are many items that have to left outside that need a high level of security.  Sometimes these can be stored in a fenced yard, but sometimes the only protection available is a strong chain or cable.

We have what you need.  Our selection of padlocks includes over 700 styles including combination padlocks in a variety of metals, boxed padlocks in stainless steel and keyed padlocks in hardened steel.  We have security padlocks from over 15 leading manufacturers, including American Lock, CCL Security, Abus Lock and Master Lock.

We also have the chains and cables you need to make the connection to a high quality security padlock.  Our chains and cables are in a variety of gauges and lengths to suit any circumstance.  We also have the Python adjusting cable from Master Lock that has the lock integrated into the cable.  This allows you to shorten the cable as needed to add the most security possible.

If a gate or sliding door protects your property, we can add security with a hasp that prevents unauthorized opening.  The selection includes hasps with integrated locks that are ideal for use on double wing doors such as on transports or box wagons.  Because we almost 50 styles of hasps we are very confident you will be able to find what you need.

And if what you need to protect is a trailer or trailer hitch on a vehicle, we can provide the security you need.  We have trailer locks that prevent the trailer from being attached to a hitch, and hitch locks that prevent thieves from walking away with your hitch!   We also have “street cuffs” that allow you to quickly and easily lock up a scooter or motorcycle when parking it on the street.

Finally, if you just need to repair a padlock, we can help you there too!  Look  to our service part area for all the repair and replacement parts you could need to service and repair an existing padlock.