Allowing appropriate egress to comply with building codes is an important step that is very easy to accomplish by installing the right exit alarm or panic device to the security door.  The devices come in a variety of sizes and colors to add ease of egress to any electromechanical or magnetically locked door.

We have over 800 products for panic bars, so you are certain to find the right size and configuration of bar for any door.  You will also be able to find any accessories you may need to install the panic bar, or latch, to meet code requirements.

Exit alarms sound an alert when activated.  We have exit alarms manufactured by Alarm Lock, Detex and Von Duprin.   Configurations include panic bars, electric exit paddles, and door alarms.  Search for the alarm you need by the size of the door, the type of the door or the finish you need on the device.

You can also find the mullions you need in this section.  We have mullions from Von Duprin and other major mullion manufacturers.